(Vintage) 1974, Stratocaster, 3TSB, MN

3 Color Sunburst (435)

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Fender (Vintage) 1974,  Stratocaster, 3TSB, MN
Fender (Vintage) 1974,  Stratocaster, 3TSB, MN

Product highlights

  • Original 1974 Body with also the original routing and cavity
  • Body finish - Original 74' 3TSB finish
  • Neck - Original 74' maple neck
  • Frets - Professional replaced with medium frets
  • Pickguard - (i think replaced for a black one)
  • Tremelo and saddles - Original 1974
  • Pickups - Replaced with Old Texas Special Pickups (sounds amazing on this '74)
  • Pots - Replaced (old pots can be added if you like)
Fender (Vintage) 1974,  Stratocaster, 3TSB, MN

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Fender (Vintage) 1974,  Stratocaster, 3TSB, MN

Product description

This Vintage 1974 Fender Stratocaster 3TSB model is almost 47 years old and has the marks of his

age. Yes it is used and played for almost all that time, but it has certainly not been abused. The Sound of this guitar can be described as a Fender Stratocaster, no more no less. If you love the sound of Stevie Ray for that funky/bluesy shuffle sound, or the Rainbow/Deep Purple Blackmore sound, the Fender Stratocaster models from this era are definitely your instruments of choice.

There was a time that guitar players and builders started to experiment with locking nuts and other tremelo pieces. Luckily this Strat was saved from those features, but there was a little locking nut above the nut on the headstock. Back in the 80's Fender even had these locking topnuts with the finetuners to go with that.

Most likely the owner of this Strat placed the nut and didn't like it afterwards. So he took it off the guitar again. So there are minor little screw holes that have been filled again. Nothing serious, it is an old guitar with a true rock 'n roll history.

What is original and what isn't?

All pictures you see on this page are from this exact guitar. In other words, what you see is exactly what you get.

All pictures you see on this page are from this exact guitar. In other words, what you see is exactly what you get.

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