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Murphy Lab 1959 Les Paul Standard Kirk Hammett Greeny


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Gibson Custom  Murphy Lab 1959 Les Paul Standard Kirk Hammett Greeny
Gibson Custom  Murphy Lab 1959 Les Paul Standard Kirk Hammett Greeny

Product highlights

  • Shape – Les Paul
  • Body Material – Lightweight Mahogany
  • Body Top – Figured Maple
  • Neck Profile - Custom Greeny Profile
  • Nutwidth - 1.69”/42.86mm
  • Fingerboard - 1PieceIndianRosewood
  • Scale length - 24.75”/628.65mm
  • Number of frets - 22
  • Nut - Nylon
  • Inlay -Reissue Trapezoid
  • Bridge - ABR-1
  • Tailpiece - Lightweight Nickel StopBar
  • Knobs - 2 True Historic Gold,2 True Historic Gold with Silver Inserts
  • Tuners - Sperzel
  • Plating - Nickel/Chrome
  • Neck pickup - Custom Greeny Bucker with Flipped Alnico2 Magnet
  • Bridgepickup - Custom Greeny Bucker Alnico2 Magnet
  • Controls - 2Volume, 2Tone; Vintage Audio Taper Potentiometers,
  • Electronic - Hand-wired with Bumblebee Tone Capacitors
  • Case - Case Brown/Pink Lifton Reissue 5-Latch Case
  • Weight of this Guitar – 3.865 KG / 8.52 LB
Gibson Custom  Murphy Lab 1959 Les Paul Standard Kirk Hammett Greeny

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Gibson Custom  Murphy Lab 1959 Les Paul Standard Kirk Hammett Greeny

Product description

Gibson Les Paul Greeny an iconic Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard. This instrument had seen its fair share of legends, and its story was as rich as the melodies it produced.

Originally owned by the enigmatic Peter Green, the guitar had been christened "Greeny" after its first owner. With Greeny in his hands, Peter Green and his band, Fleetwood Mac, crafted some of the most mesmerizing guitar music the world had ever heard. From the haunting notes of "Black Magic Woman" to the ethereal "Albatross," Greeny's strings resonated with an otherworldly beauty that left audiences spellbound.

After Peter Green, the torch was passed to the legendary Gary Moore. With Greeny by his side, Moore recorded the critically acclaimed album "Still Got the Blues." The album became an instant classic, with Moore's soulful and impassioned playing striking a chord with blues lovers around the globe. Greeny's moody, bluesy tones became a symbol of emotional expression through music.

But the journey of Greeny didn't end there. It found its way into the hands of Kirk Hammett, the renowned lead guitarist of Metallica. With Greeny's powerful presence, Hammett added a new dimension to Metallica's electrifying sound. The iconic riffs of "Enter Sandman" and the searing solos in "Master of Puppets" were brought to life by Greeny's magical resonance. It became a symbol of the band's relentless energy and sonic fury.

As time passed, Greeny's legend only grew, and its journey through the hands of these three guitar legends had become the stuff of rock 'n' roll folklore.

In the hallowed halls of the Gibson Custom Murphy Lab, a team of skilled artisans embarked on an ambitious endeavor. They set out to create exact replicas of this legendary guitar, paying painstaking attention to every minute detail. Each piece of wood was carefully selected, each curve meticulously carved, and each finish painstakingly recreated to capture the essence of the original.

Only 50 of these exquisite replicas were to be crafted, each a testament to the enduring legacy of Greeny. These guitars would become a collector's dream, a piece of music history that would live on for generations.

The saga of Greeny was a testament to the power of music and the instruments that shaped it. From the bluesy laments of Peter Green to the thunderous riffs of Kirk Hammett, this Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard had witnessed it all. And as it continued to rock the stages with Metallica, it remained an enduring symbol of the timeless connection between musicians and their instruments.

All pictures you see on this page are from this exact guitar. In other words, what you see is exactly what you get.

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